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 We’re passionate about creating vibrant and sustainable landscapes that reflect your vision. Let’s turn your garden dreams into reality—contact us today for professional and personalized gardening services!


Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Top-notch Garden Fencing Solutions – Stylish, Secure, and Sustainable

At Tom Brad Gardening we bring your outdoor dreams to life with our premium Garden Fencing solutions. Our Fencing Expert team combines craftsmanship and innovation to create stylish and durable fences options tailored to your unique landscape. Secure your property while adding a touch of elegance with our carefully designed fences. We prioritize quality, using top-grade materials that withstand the test of time and weather, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

Our Fencing Experts render fencing service Wicklow, Dublin and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience in fences, gates, paving and all aspects of garden maintenance.
Tom Brad Gardening supply and install side entrance gates and a wide range of fences. A quality fence or patio will add value to your home, provide privacy and security, and enhance the beauty of your garden.

Whether you seek privacy, protection, or an aesthetic upgrade, our Garden Fence services cater to diverse needs. From classic to contemporary styles, we customize fences to complement your garden’s design. Trust Tom Brad Gardening Services to transform your outdoor space into a haven of security and sophistication. Explore our range of fencing options, and let us build the perfect enclosure that defines, enhances, and protects your cherished garden oasis.

Garden Fencing Style

A garden fences enhance your home and offers many other benefits to your garden.

Fences installed by Tom Brad Gardening provides privacy and security while enhancing the beauty of your yard. Some Fencing styles also double as windbreaks if that’s what you’re looking for.
There are some of our most popular fence styles, as well as some of our more unusual and exclusive fencing options. We also supply and install entrance gates and a wide range of decking. If you are not sure what type of fence you want to install or what type of fence you want to install.

Timber Fencing

We have a wide range of wooden fencing that fits both wooden posts and concrete posts. Based in County Wicklow, we supply and install garden and security fencing to most counties nationwide including Dublin, Kildare, Wexford, and many more. We manufacture all of our products in our own yard and each product is manufactured to the customer’s specific requirements.

Our wooden fences and posts are made from high quality timber and are also pressure treated to ensure a long lifespan. Wooden fences are a popular choice for tidying up your yard and creating a more secure boundary between you and the neighbors. You can find our collection online or on our exhibition site at competitive prices. Some of these include double sided arched slatted frames, double picket fences and much more.

Concrete Fencing

We produce, supply and install a wide range of the highest quality garden and security fences at significantly reduced prices. We are the largest manufacturer of single and double sided concrete fences with brick, stone or wood effect on both sides of the wall. The wood-look concrete fence has a brown surface that gives the impression that the boards are overlapping each other.

Farm Fencing

Today’s farmers need durable agricultural fences that will last a lifetime. Tom Brad Gardening offers a wide range of different types of wire fences, including sheep wire, barbed wire and horse wire. We also supply high quality round and square posts and posts. We have a wide range of wood posts that are pressure treated to withstand all weather conditions. We have tax clearance certificates for all work on site and are highly qualified to perform this work.

Round Top Fencing

Tomb Brad Gardening allows the wind to pass through it. The hit and miss boards are the same on both sides. Therefore, this is a good option for you and your neighbor as you both have a nice side of the fence as they overlap each other creating a hit and miss pattern The panels are made from 95mm x 16mm tapered vertical boards.